Clinton Lake Storage Co.

Meet the Owners - The Parkers

Chad was born and raised in Bloomington, Illinois and learned to waterski and wakeboard behind a 30hp fishing boat at Lake Bloomington. During high school he competed in amateur wakeboarding competitions. In 2008 he met the love of his life, Roxy. Roxy was born in San Diego…a true surfer girl who spent most of her weekends on a much bigger body of water. Chad and Roxy were married in 2011 and a few years later had a daughter named, Waverly (an appropriate name for two people that love sun, fun, water and waves). Eighteen months later they had a boy named, Brecken (contrary to popular belief, he was not conceived in Breckenridge…though the Parker’s do enjoy shredding on a snowboard and camping in Colorado).


Today, Chad runs a growing web design company in Bloomington called Cybernautic and he serves as an elder at his home church, Eastview. Roxy owns and operates a boutique salon called, Roxy’s Hair Studio. Together they also run a non-profit organization serving thousands of people in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya called GOYA Ministries.

So how did they end up in the boat and trailer storage business? After years of trailering their boat from the family farm in Ellsworth, IL to Clinton Lake every Tuesday night in the summers, they decided it was time to store the boat closer to Clinton Lake. They found prices that were outrageous for indoor storage, and reasonably priced open storage lots that had zero security (not even a fence). They even found shanty overpriced sheds. Disappointed, they continued to trailer the boat 45 minutes to the lake and 45 minutes back to the family farm...the drive was eating into their quality time with the kids at the lake. They knew they were not the only ones frustrated with limited secure storage options.


Not long after that, they found this piece of property for sale. It was just 3 minutes from the Clinton Lake State Recreation Area, Clinton Lake State Campground and the Mascoutin Boat Ramp. So, in mid 2017 they purchased the 4.64 acres and secure storage facility where they could store their toys and lease secure storage to everyone else that wanted a secure storage facility for their trailer, boat or motorhome. Since then, Clinton Lake Storage has helped tons of folks spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time worrying about their outdoor toys. To this day, the Parker’s store their boat and travel trailer at the same property they’ve made available to anyone else that wants to enjoy making memories in the great outdoors. Hence their motto, we'll take care of it “…until your next adventure.”